Monday, January 12, 2009

Long time no type

Well where do I start???? I took a long break from blogging. With three kids, a hubby, a house, a part time job, its been CRAZY. Running here, doing this taking one youngin here and another one there, being in two places at one time it gets hectic. Its hard to really get anything done. Laundry is the worst. You know somedays I just want to be the laundry queen, you know the girl who has all the laundry finished sitting on the sofa reading a book, but no who am I? The laundry loser with the bottomless basket lol. I tell you its never done.
I am still in church and love my church family more now than I ever have. I help with the youth (chior, sunday school, wendsday night services). Those kids are precious. I get such a blessing out of them. They are so eager to do God's will. They can sign the song Jesus and are so good with it. Our little church is growing so fast and its wonderful to see how God can move!
My life is wonderful and full. I am still with Daniel, almost fourteen years now. Agggg I am also the mother of a teen age boy, yep thats right Draven is thirteen now. It doesnt seen possible, I can remember picking him up and playing with him, now he picks me up and slings me around. Kirkland is doing great, he is so handsom, even though he wont admit it, he quiet the lady killer. Not so sure if thats good or not. He is 10 and its older girls that he seems to attract, but dont mention a girl to his, girls are still gross. Grayson will be 8 before long, January 26, he can not wiat. He wants a Wii and a drum set and about a million other things to go with it that mommy cant afford. Oh well hes a kid right.
I am going to go for now. Its late and Daniel was in bed an hour ago.
God Bless you guys!