Sunday, March 23, 2008


We are back from vacation. We had a wonderful time, but i am totally pooped so I will post more about this week. It will take a while, I have a lot of blog fodder. Talk to everyone again soon!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Woohoo watch out for those tricky little leprechauns. They like to play tricks and are lightening fast! If by some chance you do catch one, make sure not to turn your back on him or he will take back his pot of gold and then guess what... if you are like me, you are broke again.

I have some exciting news today! I won the tee shirt contest that Denise over sew the world was having. She has a picture of it on there, It is awesome. Please go check it out. But if you do click here because she has listed all the available colors and the price for the shirt. It is really a good deal and its related to blogger.

I had a really good weekend. Nothing special, but good all the same. I think I told you all that my kids are playing basket ball didn't I? Well anyway they are. They were put on three different teams. That's cool to though because they play one another as it is an in house sport. Well this year that changed. They have two gyms there now. So they split the little ones and the big ones. I have to try to be in two places at one time now. Not to easy mind you. Here are some pics of them.


An action shot of Grayson.


This one is just to cute. He acts so frustrated.


Kirkland is the one running and my sister Salena is the red head in the back ground who is cheering not practicing like she is supposed to be.


This one is not so good, but my little man is circled. He is behind the other little boy. That's my oldest, Draven.

Well my friends i hope you have a great day and now i have to go start my day. I have non stop running to do today so lucky me!! Take care!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Looking forward to today?

Not so much really. I kinda dread it. I have to clean all day. Oh boy you all know that I just cant wait to get started. I hate cleaning. Its not really that bad, but ugg. Oh well its not going to do it its self. I have a couple of things to say this morning. I think God for my hubby. I love him so much. I got a text from him this morning and he called me sexy. Now this is the man who sees me at my worst all the time and he still thinks I'm sexy!! I am so glad LOVE IS BLIND!! LOL. He is my rock. I can count on him for anything, even making me feel good about myself. He works hard, he comes straight home from work, he doesn't do anything with out me. Of this I am thankful. I know women who wonder where and what their man is doing. I don't have to worry about it! Its only one week until our vacation and I am so excited. We are going to Gatlingburg and have some exciting things planned. I can not wait. Also a week from Sunday will be our anniversary. It falls on Easter this year. That was a shock to us both. It seems so strange. It will be 13 years. I have put him through alot and he has stayed right by my side through it all. I love him more than life.

I also wanted to let you all know that I checked my email this morning and there is an update on Erin's page. Her dad could not sleep last night because he felt that he had to get this wrote down about her. This is what he had to say. I copied and pasted it here. It is incredible how God worked through this little girl!!

"I heard some great news last night from Brian. There were 47 people saved and 43 rededications at the meeting held in Erin's honor at the Crossroads Youth at Higher Ground! To God be the Glory! I know Erin is so happy in Heaven this morning! To hear things like this lifts me from the valley of despair and sets me high on a mountain of Joy! I am so proud to say that I am Erin's dad! I have been blessed just to be able to call her daughter! Erin, I love you so much Honey! Jesus, thank you!! I Know God is still using Erin's sickness to touch people in this city and around the country! Please continue to pray for our family. I have been dreading the next few days knowing from the past experience of losing my Dad in 1992. I want this Friday to not be a sad funeral, instead I want it to be a celebration of Erin's Life! I had no idea of the impact that skinny little girl of mine could have on her friends and this community. I pray that God get's all the Glory! I hope everyone didn't think that Tuesday nights update would be the last. I'll continue to post to this site as long as the Lord lays it on my heart to do so! I am sure Kimberly and Brian feel the same. I couldn't sleep again this morning and I woke up with all these words going through my head. I want to again thank everyone for their Prayers and comments they leave here. It's like an ointment for my aching heart to read your lovely words of condolence. Thanks everyone! Thank you Lord!

Chris (an Angel's dad)"

Again here is that web site if you want to check it out again.

I was tagged by Hope for a meme. I will play along. Here are the rules. In the 8 facts about yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.

So here goes.

1. When I was three years old I was bit by a dog and it almost killed me.

2. I HATE for my food to touch on the plate. I don't want to eat it if it does.

3. I love to paint. ANYTHING. walls pictures, i don't care.

4. I did a wall mural for McDonald's in Big Stone Gap.

5. I cry when I am super tired. lol. I am a weenie.

6. Somedays I wish I were a man. Nothing disgusting here. Just because they clock out at four thirty and their day is done. I also never hear my kids scream DAD. its always mom.

7. If I could choose any occupation in the world, it would be CSI. I don't like working with a lot of people because they get on my nerves. I don't want to be in the medical field because I don't want to hurt people. This way I could give closure to greiving families.

8. I went to a Pittsburgh Steeler's game and would go again!! It was incredible!

Now for my eight. Oh boy I know most of my people are on Hopes page so lets see if I can find some people to tag.

Sarah, Charolette, Lady Di, Denise, Mel, Draven, you guys are it!! Woohoo have fun. I have to think of two more I know who I want, I just cant find their site right now lol.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

update on Erin

This is very sad and I really hate to blog about it, but I feel I need to let everyone know. Erin Michelle Page passed away last night. She is with Jesus now and will never be sick again.

Monday, March 10, 2008

band and fun monday

This is my son draven at his band concert, it was incredible when you watch the video keep in mind that he is only in the sixth grade. This group is made up of 6th 7th and 8th graders. I was impressed. He is the one with the blue trumpet, last row, fifth one from the end on your right. Hope you enjoy it!!

I went by Jennifer's page at Dust Bunny Hostage and found this. I decided I was going to play along to! Here are the rules. Give me 5!!

I need YOU (yes, the wonderful YOU!) to pick 5 memorable lines from 5 different movies (if you could tell us which character said it and to whom, would be a bonus)...and tell us to WHOM (who in the people in your life) you could have said those lines. So here goes!!!!

1. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming swimming." Dorie from Finding Nemo. She sings this to Marlin the clown fish. I sing this to my kids when they are frusterated with something and want to quit or when they stop to look at something at the store!

2. "Why do they call it Ratatoui? It sounds like Rat and Patootti, Rat patooti." The skinny chef from Ratatoui to the head chef. I can't remember their names. I say this to everyone when I am discribing my ratatoui i made for the kids. It tasted like rat patooti trust me!! BLUCK.

3. "Ms Scarlet, Ms Scarlet, I don't know nothin bout birthin no babies!" Gone with the Wind. I say this when someone tells me to do something and I am just like HUH?

4. "Its priest, try the priest." Sweeny Todd said to Mr. Todd by Helena Bonham Carters character, again, I can't remember the characters name. This I also say to my kids but I say this when they ask what is for dinner. HEHE I am so mean. LOL You need to see this movie. Ahhhh Mr. Depp.

5. "Why is the rum always gone?" Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribian. I say this anytime something is not here when I need it! Again Mr. Depp AHHHH can you tell I like him? Feel free to click over to Jennifers page and play along.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Nothing post

This post us about absolutley nothing. Nothing is going on. Nothing's new. Noone is sick THANK GOD!!! I just wanted to post to let everyone know about nothing in particular really. I have had a pretty good day. Nothing new really. I did dishes, did the laundry, or should i say doing. Draven made sausage bisquits for breakfast. It did not fill anyone up so I just made some scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. Kirks friend is here and dan is calling lol i was gonna write working when the phone rang. He must have ESP LOL. Speaking of ESP, that reminds me of paranormal. Does anyone ever watch ghost hunters? thats one of the only shows i like to watch. It scares the poo out of me, but I love it. I think its fun to try to figure out what causes sounds and noises that people think shouldn't be there. Well guess its back to laundry and i need to vacuum, so i think i am going to go! I also need to do my homework, blah, just cant seem to get into it, but oh well, its gotta be done. Hope all is well. Talk to you guys later!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Such a sad ending

My oldest son Draven went into his bed room tonight and saw a mouse. The other boys ran into the room and they were all screaming. My middle child, who is very sensitive and wants to be a vet, tried to catch it. He chased it out from under the bed because the cat was trying to get it. I was sitting in the living room in the chair watching them when the mouse ran between my youngest little boys legs through the dining room and into the kitchen. It was huge!! I thought I was going to die when I saw it. My husband and I went into the kitchen. When I got in there, one of the boys said its a chipmonk. Well, it was not a chip monk, but it was a flying squirrel. We tried to catch him and he ran behind the fridge.



I held a bucket and my huband tried to run him out with a broom. He ran out all right, but not into the bucket. Now the kids are hoopin and hollaring. It was so exciting. He ran right past me, through my little boys legs again and started jumping all over my husband who was laying in the floor beside the fridge. He ran back into my little boys room and jumped up onto his sword that he has. I snapped a pic and my hubby tried to catch him.


It didnt work. This time he ran into the living room. My little weenie dog had been watching the whole time.


He was all nervous and scared. He thought the little guy was trying to hurt us. He grabbed it, it got away from him and ran across the room. That is when the poor guy met his untimely end. The dog must have crushed him, because he appeared unharmed.


The kids were devistated. They had immediately fallen in love with it. My hubby tried to revive it, rubbing his tummy and blowing in his face. I just sat and watched it all, my heart breaking for the poor little squirrel and for my baby boys.


I cried. I know it is only an animal, but it was just so sad. Please listen to this I let my kids listen to it last night and it did help them understand. Funny thing is, I recieved it in an email just yesterday. Isn't God's timing simply amazing? I think I got that for this purpose.

We called my dad and he gave me the name of a taxidermy place. Now I am not one for dead animals being around, i think it is quite morbid, but, in this case I can make an exception. The man told us what we need to do to preserve it and that it would last about 6 months in the freezer, we aren't going to wait that long, but we are going to have to wait a few weeks to get it done. I am going to take it to my dads house and they will keep it there in the deep freeze because I can't bare to look at it all the time when I open mine. The kids are happy about keeping it around so to speak, but my seven year old told me we need to say a prayer for it. I explained that it was already to late for that, and that it was all ok now.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I have been very busy building on to the house. We are building a laundry room. So far we have one wall up and one cut and ready to be nailed. In case you are wondering what I am talking about in the subject line, it would appear that my son is a regular P~I~M~P.


I can only imagine what you all are thinking right now. The really bad thing is, he is only seven. It all started back at valentines day when this little girl Elizabeth gave him a ribbon that said 'someone loves you'. As if this is not bad enough, he gave her his phone number. She calls ALOT!! When she calls, they talk for an hour at a time. I listen in on the phone calls. They are pretty funny. Last night, I overheard him say that he might marry her when he grows up. There is another little girl that likes him as well. Her name is Brisha. She calls as well. I checked my voice mail today and she had called. She said 'Grayson call me, you remember what we talked about at school. I love you.' Trust me my jaw hit the floor. Well my husband asked him tonight about telling Elizabeth that he might marry her. He wanted to know if he asked her to. He said he did, but she said she was going to marry someone else. She called again tonight, which suprised me, since she said that. They did not get to talk long because it was late when she called. He giggled as he hung up and asked him what he was talking about and he said that she told him that Brisha sent him kisses. I said Grayson who is your girlfriend? Elizabeth or Brisha? He looks at me and calmly replies "BOTH". I am so glad that he is not older. I think he still has a lot to learn about women, although he seems to be doing pretty good for now!