Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Nothing post

This post us about absolutley nothing. Nothing is going on. Nothing's new. Noone is sick THANK GOD!!! I just wanted to post to let everyone know about nothing in particular really. I have had a pretty good day. Nothing new really. I did dishes, did the laundry, or should i say doing. Draven made sausage bisquits for breakfast. It did not fill anyone up so I just made some scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. Kirks friend is here and dan is calling lol i was gonna write working when the phone rang. He must have ESP LOL. Speaking of ESP, that reminds me of paranormal. Does anyone ever watch ghost hunters? thats one of the only shows i like to watch. It scares the poo out of me, but I love it. I think its fun to try to figure out what causes sounds and noises that people think shouldn't be there. Well guess its back to laundry and i need to vacuum, so i think i am going to go! I also need to do my homework, blah, just cant seem to get into it, but oh well, its gotta be done. Hope all is well. Talk to you guys later!


jennifer said...

Glad to hear from you even when you have "nothing" to say! I am thankful for nothing days - it beats high drama for sure! Jen

Hope said...

Well, I for one welcome those "nothing" days. You know what I've been through this weekend! I'll have to fill you in later. I never had time to get back to you yesterday. Was that just yesterday??? :O) Oh my!!

Love ya,
Aunt Hopie

Lady Di Tn said...

Nothing days are blessings in advance. I just love everyday normal routines. Perifial journeys can be good and not so good. So you like the Ghost hunter. In my youth I watch "The Twilight Zone" and the Alfred Hitchcock show. For weeks after I saw the one with the pianoest hands in the box and how they escaped across the room to kill the guy. I would check out an empty room before I entered. Thanks for taking me back to scary times. Peace

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Brandy,
I thought I would drop by to see how you were doing. Hey, I love the Nothing Post's. They are more real and down to earth. The only thing that's been going on in my world is we FINALLY got a BIG SNOW!!!! We sure did. It started snowing here Friday around 11:30a.m and they let School out at 12:15p.m. My DH made it home from Memphis around 3:30p.m. It was still Snowing when I went to bed around 7:00p.m. Friday night. I don't know what time it quit. When I got up Saturday morning, I looked out our front door and we had a pretty good sized drift right in front of our front door. I am guessing we got around 5 or 6 inches of Snow. Most of it melted yesterday afternoon. There is still some out there today, but I'm sure it will melt as the temperature warms up to around 50 degrees today. We are suppose to be in the 60's by mid-week. I took some pictures of our girls with the new camera yesterday, well I took the first picture of the girls and then my DH took the camera from there. LOL. He hogged it pretty much all day. I have the pictures posted on my post today of the girls. We didn't get to move because of the Snow, but we are planning to move this weekend if the weather co-operates. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. What is Sausage Biscuits? You have to give us the recipe for that one.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Lisa said...

I enjoyed your nothing post and I am in a nothing mood to. I hope you have a great week. Take Care. Lisa