Friday, April 25, 2008

Here goes nothing.

I am going to try to do another post about our vacation. We took the kids to an inside amusement park for the mind (no joke that's what it says in the brochure). It is called Wonder Works. I decided to do a slide show because blogger made me mad. We got to experience a hurricane with 70mph winds. We also experienced an earth quake. We drove spaceships and drag cars. The kids created a roller coaster. Grayson did ours I was a little sick after we rode it. Twists turns and flips. The bike thing in the pictures below was an extreme 360 Draven and I rode it. I was bruised, but we made it around several times, it was peddle power by the way. I climbed the rock wall with the kids. Huge accomplishment for me even though I didn't even make it half way, I am terrified of heights. When I was coming down though, I fell. My shoe flew off and went across the room. I was embarrassed. The last picture is Paris Hilton, I dont really like her, but the pic is cool. It is made out of bubble gum and its done on plywood. I will go for now, I hope you all enjoy the slide show.


Lisa said...

Wtg~ On climbing the rock. I am afraid of heights to. I enjoyed the slide show, it looks like you guys had a good time. You have such a lovely face to go with your sweet spirit~ Have a great weekend.

Mike Golch said...

I've seen that upside house on a tv program about strand and weird thing to see.Or something to the resemblance.

Lady Di Tn said...

I think Ken (my name for blogger) has been giving everyone a hard time. Like not posting your pictures and not showing comments or saying comments not accepted and then posting them twice. Sounds like the amusement park was a fun outing.
Now I find it very refreshing that someone so young as you chose Lucy for their background.
Somewhere on the dashboard I read they were doing some work on blogger and I think these little twits are the results. It is very fustrating to have typed something and then POOF it is gone. That happen to yours truly. Then I could not recall what I wrote nor had the time to re write it.

Have a grand weekend. Peace