Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hey guys

I hope everyone is doing great! I am good, school let out on Tuesday for the summer, so I am a little stressed out right now. Nothing to worry about though. I have just gotten used to my quiet time is all. I have started a new rule at my house. My kids fight over everything under the sun, so from now on, community service is in full force. They fight, they stop doing what ever fun thing they were doing and I make them clean. If they wake me up before 9 in the morning, unless it is a true emergency, then they have dish duty for the day. I am hoping that this will help to keep them in line. We will see.
I have been trying to find an online job that is legit, and does not cost an arm and a leg to start. Any suggestions?? I found one called four points mom that sounds really good, but I have not got a phone call from them yet. I am hoping that they call because I think that it would be a good one to get into.
It is supposed to be hot here all week. In the 80s, thank God the pool is up and running now. We have a pretty big one, its 4 1/2 feet deep and like 24ft around, i think. We switched over to chlorine free this year. I haven't been in yet this year, but the kids have and they liked it.
I need some advice today. You all know that I have been baby sitting, right? Well its getting frustrating. The kids are great, that is not it at all. Its just that I get paid $120 every two weeks and really count on this money. Well from the get go, the mom has waited until the last minute to let me know when I am supposed to keep the kids. That is the frustrating part. Then it gets worse. I was supposed to keep them this Tuesday, but that morning of course i call her because i haven't heard from here to make sure that I am still keeping them and she says well there dad may be off today i am not sure. I will call you back and let you know. I got a text 30 mins before she was supposed to keep them saying that she didn't need me that day. I am supposed to keep them tomorrow, but who knows. What should I do guys like I said I need this money but I also need to be able to plan what I can do with my own kids. If I don't keep them, then I don't get paid. Its just getting aggravating. She also has switched jobs and gets off at 8 in the evening now. She took for granted that those hours would be fine with me, but they are not so I have to take the kids to their grandmothers at 6 when I do keep them. I just want some outside advice. Would you keep them??

I got an award to from Lisa. I love it, she is such a sweet person! If you guys don't know Lisa yet, go by and check her out!!

Thank you Lisa!!!!!


BethAnne said...

Hey Brandy! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! As far as the advice, (not that I am Dear Abby or anything)....I would tell lay down the law. Every daycare in our area charges at least $130 per week per child (no break for second and third kids either) - I would pay more to have my child in someones home than in a huge daycare - wouldnt you? So, first I would go u on my $$$$. Then I would tell her that I am charging by the week instead of by the day. That way you have the money no matter what....that is how everyone in Johnson City does it....if she doesnt like it, then there are plenty of other kids that I am sure need a good place to stay. I mean what do you have to lose, she is already keeping you an ad in your local paper and send out some feelers for other kids to keep.

Just my opinion. It is worth very little. I hope you get this worked out---when you are depending on 'people' it is hard! I know all too well.

Mimi said...

since you need the money I would continue to babysit...

however I would explain to her that with your own family needs it is becoming difficult to be left hanging until the last minute, so you need to have a set schedule in order to plan your day...

I am sure she doesn't realize what an inconvenience it is..(people think when you stay home you have nothing to do - WRONG)

you can require notice at least by the prior day if she is not going to need you...
good luck with it...

Becoming Me said...

What a cute blog you have. I'm glad I found you.

Feathering My Nest said...

Brandy, I found you through my sister rose of Sharon May. You deserve more money. I agree with Bethanne. I don't know how many days a week or how many hours you've got them so that would play into the amount. I don't have my kids in daycare so I don't know what the going rate would be. My friend does, and she pays for her two boys to stay Mon-Fri every week of the summer. She must pay by the month $400 per month. Her boys are old enough that they don't have diapers either. If you are diapering and making formula, you must charge more. That's so much more work for you, and dealing with gates and car seats. The fact that you must drive them adds to your work-load and stress as well, plus gas. Maybe you might consider placing the add, or put up flyers at your local markets, post office, and word of mouth, as adds are expensive. It is not fair that she is keeping you guessing.

If we call right before a piano lesson to cancel it, we are still charged for it. We have to pay by the month, and let her know which days we won't come. We can let her know the day of class that we will miss (in the morning) because of illness. Remember, you are running a business and deserve to set rules and to be treated professionally. God bless you as you pray about this. I will pray for you and about your son's health. Hugs, Kathi

Mary said...


I was so sorry to hear that your mother had broken her leg. How is she doing? I hope she is healing nicely.

Thanks for your comments about Brandon's birthday and my aunt's illness. You are a dear friend and very much appreciated.

Love and blessings,

Sharon said...

You know, you are really holding all the cards. I would post your hours and tell her you need a week's notice of when she needs you to sit or when she is going to cancel. She is not treating you with respect. I don't think you would be bad or mean if you were a little more firm. I remember when I had my kids in daycare and the lady was awesome, but she ran that place like a real business. If we were late picking them up she charged extra. If we canceled one day I think she charged us a fee unless the kids were sick. I thought it was fine because she had to control thing somehow.

Good luck!

:0) Sharon

Lady Di Tn said...

I have found the nicer you are the more people will take advantage.
First you need to have a sign up form with the rules and amount charged and have the parents sign it. Then adhere to the rules you have set. There are always exceptions but you have a good heart and will know when to make the exceptions. If you have everything in writing then they know what your rules are. When Puppy was little and I worked, he was in a wonderful daycare but you had to pick your child up at 6pm and any minute over was five dollars a minute. It is not your responsiblity to get them to their Grandmas. You must think what would happen if you had a accident. Would they be understanding or take you to court.
Now for something fun. I love shoes too and until my back problems I was always in three inch heels. If I had the extra change, I would give Amelda DeMarous a run for her money. A shoe of every color in different styles is not toooooo much to dream about. Peace