Friday, May 30, 2008


Thank you all for your advice and I quit today. I know i need the money, but its actually just mad money Daniel does very well providing for us. We can make it on his income. I just have to plan on making it with his income. I actually sent her a text. I know what you are thinking, how mean and how gutless, but let me explain here. When I call her she does not answer either phone nor will she return my calls, this has been going on since I started keeping the kids. Tuesday when i was supposed to keep them, I got a text 20 mins before they were supposed to come saying that she would not be bringing them. Today I did not even get that. No call, no text. I told her in the text that I would not be able to keep her kids anymore because I needed to know when I work, because I depend on the income and also i need to be able to plan things with my family. So far, I have not heard a thing from her yet. Oh well. Daniel is cool with it, he does not blame me at all. If I wanted to be this stressed, I would go out into the work force and find a job outside the home. I then would also have the added stress of finding a sitter myself. So its back to pinching pennies. I want to thank you all again for all your support and advice. Love you guys!!


Mike Golch said...

shortly after we were married,my wife found it had to see what she had to input into the keypunch machine.

Lisa said...

I am glad you quit. I know how it is to live on one income but once you get used to it you will be ok. I don't like to see people use nice people. Loved the video.
Hugs~ Lisa

jennifer said...

God will provide Brandy! I'm glad you want to be there for your kids and that you praise your husband for providing for y'all. I think everything will work out fine!


Denise said...

hey , good for you........ Life is far too short to be controled by someone else. God will provide..... time with your children and less stress...... Yeap that was a good decision.......... Have a great summer with those kids, and I think the plan to keep them in line is wonderful..... maybe they will break the rules once in a while and give you a break from the dishes! hahahhahahhah

Lady Di Tn said...

Brandy I think you made a wise decesion. I have never been fond of USER and that lady sure was one. Life is never to busy to be kind or curtious. You did all you could do and I think I might have sent a smoke signal message instead of a text. Enjoy your summer and the family time. Peace