Saturday, February 9, 2008

soap (with bugs in it)

As you all know, I have a new computer. I used flickr to upload my photos onto my blog spot. With the new computer, flickr will not work. It freezes up when I am trying to load my pictures on it. I am not sure why it does it. I started using photobucket, but when I put my pictures on blog spot, they are huge and only show the left side of the pics. I have tried using smaller sizes, but it doesn't work either. The reason I am telling you all this good stuff is because some people have been asking me to post pics of the house as we are doing the remodeling. I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to try to do that, if the crazy thing will let me.


We had basketball signup today. All three of the boys are going to play. They practiced for two and a half hours today, but they loved every minute of it. It is the only sport that my oldest little boy likes to play. He hates football and he hates baseball. Sports just isn't his thing really, but he really likes basketball and is really good at it.
In case you are wondering about my title, let me tell you a funny story. My brother called me today and asked if he could take a shower here. Something happened to his water while he was in the middle of being all soaped up in the shower. I told him it would not be a problem to come on and take his shower.

I told him when he got out that he smelled much better. He said yea well I had to use your stuff, which is that olay cream ribbons. I said why. He told me there was no soap in my shower. I said there is soap in there. I knew there was because I had natural homemade soap in the shower. He said yea there is soap, but it has bugs in it!!! LOL! It has peices of lavender flower in it. I thought I was going to die laughing!


Mary said...


LOL That is funny. However, I'm glad your brother was able to get his shower.

Thanks for posting on my post about my daughter's delivery. My youngest grandson was 10 in August.


jennifer said...

Oh that is rich! What a guy-like thing to say! Is that you in the camo? Do you hunt? There are a lot of ladies in this area that hunt. Do you wear your heels with the camo? :) Have a good weekend Brandy dear! Jennifer

Denise said...

That is too funny, lol

Anonymous said...

Lol that is too funny! Tsk men!

I had that trouble with photobucket, my pictures were huge and I kept making the size smaller and smaller and yet they were huge on my blog post. Then all of a sudden the pictures on my post magically resized themselves and were miniscule. Maybe photobucket just takes a while to update?

Anonymous said...

...I just use the blogger upload feature straight from my computer now.

Hope said...

Soap with bugs!! wah ha ha!!!

Is that your "blood red" room Daniel was talking about??

I was having trouble with my pics on my blog too. I had to really size them down to make them fit. It was cutting them all off on the right side so it looked like I took pictures that were lopsided!!

Love ya'll,
Aunt Hopie

Lady Di Tn said...

That is so rich to have a brother who smells like a girl. heehee
Ony a guy would make that statement about bugs in soap. I always resize my photo to half size and then when I scan I still resize them otherwise ole blogger will not let me put them on the blog. I tried resizing a panaramic photo of Wynnewood and blogger just left an empty spot where the photo should be.
Hope all is better and did you get those brows done?