Thursday, January 24, 2008

The differences between mommy and daddy

As all mothers know, there is a major difference in the way that moms and dads care for children. For example, when I was little my mom worked days and my dad worked worked second shift. We would always go eat lunch with mommy and I can still remember my mother griping about how she knew dad had let me dress myself that day. I would go without brushing my hair, my clothes inside out and my shoes on the wrong feet. My husband isn't quiet this bad. He does make sure shoes are on right and clothes are not inside out, but matching, I don't that it is in a man's blood to match things very well. Grayson, or as we call him, mooch, would pick out his own clothes, all mismatched and sometimes stained to go to school and dad would let him go on. I try to make sure that they match and are not stained. I remember those kids in school who came in with their hair still in the beautiful bedhead style and clothes stained or ripped (my kids do wear holey jeans but by their own choice because the think it looks cool. Anyway you get the idea.
Last night we were watching ghost hunters and my seven year old stumbled into the room. If you are not familiar with the show, they use scientific research to try to disprove or debunk the presence of ghosts. Usually on the show there is not a lot going on, but last night they did catch some rather disturbing video clips that creeped me out. My son went on to bed.
Later he was crying because he had a nightmare. Daniel went into his room. Mooch told him that he had a bad dream because of that show. I would have said its just a show babe, go back to sleep, even though it did kinda scare me to. But did dad say that? Oh but not, he says why are you scared? They are just ghosts.
I was like OMGosh. I can not believe he said that to that poor little fella. It must have satisfied Grayson though, because he went right on back to sleep and slept all night long.


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Brandy,
I know what you mean about how Mommy's and Daddy's are different. I am lucky tho. My DH really pampers our girls when they have a bad dream or get hurt. Sometimes I think he does so more than I do. But since he is gone alot, I take care of the girls then and comfort them. Now myself, I don't like scary movies and don't watch them. My DH and our girls do. They like to watch them really scarry movies. When DH is home and they watch a scarry movie, I usually go into our bedroom and watch something else. The girls get up in their Daddy's lap and watches the scarry movies with him. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

jennifer said...

Man was he ever straight forward. I overheard a man tell his son in the Dr's office yesterday to quit being scared, 'you cry-baby'. I laughed and felt bad all at the same time. I mean the dad was THERE for his kid and yet....- Jennifer