Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Being a mother is great! I love it but i must admit it has its moments. Last night was one of those moments. My son, my dear sweet Draven, who usually has a good head on his shoulders let some little bitty something slip his mind and did not tell me until last night about five.

Picture 032

He informed me that he had a science project due today and he told his teacher it was electricity. I hate science and my husband works second shift at the moment. My husband like science and he is an ELECTRICIAN. He know all these things and was off all weekend long. It would have been the perfect time to work on his project.
The local hardware store closes at five. I had no way to get all these things he needed. In a panic, I went to my dear friend Mr. Internet. We found a project that only called for simple ingredients that I could purchase at the dollar store. It was a device involving a styrofoam plate, Styrofoam cup, string, aluminum foil, tape, clay and a metal pie pan. Oh and balloons, I forgot about those. I went to the store and got the materials he would need.
We worked on the project for a while. First we had to attach the cup to the pan (which did have a crust in it that I had to crumble out of the pan) with clay. The dollar store did not have molding clay, so I bought silly putty and play dough, not very good gluing agents. We ended up gluing the up on. That was the first glitch.
We finally finished it and it was time to test out the meter. Guess what, it did not work. I was frustrated, he was frustrated, and it was getting late. He accidentally discovered that the little aluminum ball attached to this ugly little contraption would cling to his balloon if he rubbed it in his hair. I was almost like a magnet.
Well back to Mr. Internet. We in the end did not need anything but the balloon, the ball of aluminum foil and the string. We proved that opposites attract in electricity and how.
I was so glad it worked out for him. Even though he can be a pain in the patoot, I did not want to see him fail the project.


Kentucky Bound said...

Hi! Your Aunt Sophie sent me to your blog. Your science project post brought back some very vivid memories. My son, who is the king of procrastination, managed to live to graduate from high school and is now a college man DESPITE the fact that we spent many sleepless nights working on school projects. With three boys coming up through the ranks, all I can say is God Bless you with patience, perserverance, a good imagination and the ability to make an A+ project out of things from the junk drawer and garbage can!

Lib said...

So happy it worked. I don't work well under pressure. lol
Hope you have agood day.

Hope said...

Hey Brandy,

I'm here to pick up my award...finally!! I take one day off from blogging and look how far behind I get!! lol

I loved reading this story even though you had told it to me already!! It brought back memories (nightmares) of helping Willie with projects at the last minute!!

I love the picture of Draven too. I didn't recognize him at first without his glasses!!

Love ya,
Aunt Hopie

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Brandy,
I have been offline for a couple of days and am now trying to catch up with everyone this afternoon. I am hoping to do a post in the morning tho. I love being a Mommy as well, but dang it, I hate it when they put us in a bind and under pressure. Makes me want to wring their necks. LOL. I always hated Science in school as well and I have never been good at it. I don't like it when our girls brings home Science Homework. My DH is an Electrician as well, but since he is a Truck Driver, he is gone most of the time. I'm glad you found something that would work for his project. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.