Monday, January 28, 2008


This past week has been full of excitement! Monday was my dear sweet hubby's 30th birthday. It was also his first day of his brand new job, which is great because it is straight days. He had to go talk to the HR man and he found out that he is making .50 more than what we originally thought he would be!

Picture 103

All week long the boys were either on snow delays or being dismissed early or no school at all, so I got some extra time to spend with them to!
Friday my mom was off from work, so we went to awards day at the school and then we went out to see Untraceable! She treated me to the movie and to lunch, kinda an early birthday present! We had a wonderful day!


Saturday was my little red's 7th birthday! My father in law, aka guy (click here for more details) came in from North Carolina with his friend Gene. Daniel had to work, so I got everything done, took my shower and gave myself a hair cut, looks really pretty to! We thought that Daniel was going to have to work until 2:30, but got off at 12, which was great! He made it home before everyone got here. I had my father-in-law stop and pick up Grayson's cake.

Picture 099

He surprised me with a cake of my own. It was chocolate, I like white. I was very thankful anyway because it was such a sweet sentiment.

Picture 095

It was beautiful as you can see, until I set it on the stove...

Picture 094

My father in law just fussed, not mad really just playing with me. The party was going great until time to serve the food... yep you guessed it, it was my cake again. I was getting some one's plate ready and knocked my cake off the table. My father in law wasn't in the room and the cake landed in chair. SAVED, not. I slowly tilted the chair forward to rescue my cake, hoping that it would go right back in the plate. Half of it did the other half went on the floor and smushed, the beautiful roses. We joked about this all evening and I told him that I had already told him I like white cake not chocolate. LOL we had a very nice time.

Then came present time. I had told Grayson that all I was going to get him was bugs for his birthday. The poor baby even had a nightmare about spiders. It made me feel bad. Here is a picture of him with his real present we got for him.

Picture 114

As you can see it is a remote control spider! He liked it though!

I think everyone knows that I won Mary's giveaway. Well that tickled me pink. I got another email yesterday saying that I had one another giveaway to JCNaturals. It is really cool, you should go check it out!

I have had a really blessed week. We also had a wonderful church service yesterday and I have been looking for someone to sing with me, I don't like singing by myself. During church, I asked my soon to be sissy in law


if she sings. Turns out she does and wants to start singing with me at church. Woohoo! Praise the Lord for all my blessings this week.

P.S. My birthday is Wednesday, Jan. 30th. I will be a big 29!


Hope said...

Wow! Great post today!! Where do I begin?? First, that picture of Daniel is soooo cute. I've always loved that sweet face and his smile, and his, "Now, now, now, Hopie!" LOL

Happy Birthday to Grayson!! He looks really happy with his spider!! I can barely see Kirk but he is looking enviously at the present!! :)

You did well telling the cake story! Even though I'd already heard it, I enjoyed it and got a chuckle all over again!

Your sissy in law to be is so cute. I want her figure when I grow up!! :)

Okay, I think I covered about everything. Oh, by the way, did Guy say if he ever read my blog post about him??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow just in case I don't get to talk to you!!

Love and Hugs,
Aunt Hopie

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Brandy,
"HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY" to Daniel and Grayson. He looks very happy with his present. Shame on you for scaring the poor guy. LOL. Just kidding there. Ohmygosh, I am LOL about your Birthday cake. Sounds like something I would do. You have a beautiful Sister-In-Law. I know you are looking forward to her singing with you in Church. I'm like Hope, I want her figure now, not when I grow up. LOL. You should show us a picture of your new haircut. Inquiring minds want to see. LOL. Oh, I see tomorrow is your Birthday. Hmmmm, now how old did you say you were going to be? LOL. "THANK YOU" for the website you gave me. I will check it out later on. I've been in and out of bed all day and fixing to take some more PMS pills and go back to bed. Be sure to take pictures of what Mary sent you so we can see what all you got. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brandy,

Wow, you did have a blessed week! Well, except for the cake landing on the chair, but that wasn't so bad. LOL. Your boys are so cute. Happy Birthday to Grayson! And a very Happy 29th Birthday to you!! Wait until you hit 30, next year, from then on it's downhill. LOL. Just kidding. May you have many, many more wonderful birthdays!

Birthday Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Grayson and your hubby and to you tomorrow! Wow busy month! How amazing that all your birthdays are so close together.

Love the cakes, mmmm hungry now. Lol on my Squidge's birthday (last June, she was 3) first I set fire to her hair with the candles, we managed to put it out before it burned her head, then I dropped half the cake on the floor. Lol, so I'm well accustomed to cake disasters!!

Sarah x

jennifer said...

Alright, I'm going to get the catty girl stuff over with. I am very tempted to not like the future sister in law - How beautiful is she! I mean really, does she have to have face figure and the hair? AND SHE CAN SING?!! But Brandy, if you like her I will forgive her for being GORGEOUS. (got to start a diet)
I really am glad that you have a singing partner for church and sis looks like a nice girl. I can't sing a lick, not one blessed note. God is good the way He provided a way for you to Praise Him. Love it!
Hubby is a good lookin' guy. I bet the two of you are a cute couple. And "The Boy". Your son looks like he is a rounder. Such a twinkle in his eye. Happy birthday to him too. I'd like to make him a dirt cake with gummie worms to match the 'bugs' he got for his birthday!
I enjoyed this post very much - it was a nice look into your sweet family life! Jennifer