Monday, January 7, 2008

Feeling silly

Warning! This is a very silly post...This morning my mommy and I had some time to ourselves. My dad went to work. My mom did not have to go in until 11. Daniel works until 2am so he was in the bed. I woke up this morning in an unusually good mood (I am Mr. Grumpy Gills in the morning LOL). We decided to go get some breakfast at McDonald's and on the way home I was thinking. Now for me, thinking while in a silly mood is not a very good thing. The whole time I was pondering lost in thought, mom was driving. It was very quiet and out of no where, I looked over at my mom and said, 'Hey what if you had to sing everything that you said? Can you imagine this. I mean really just think about it for a minute.' (I am sure all who are reading this think I have gone mad, my friends madness makes us great, makes us unique, keeping reading and think about the things that I am saying here. It really is amusing if you think about it.) Now imagine if you go into the bathroom after shopping and you are in a rush. You leave the toilet paper in the kitchen by the table and half way through, you realize you are out. Oh no! But to make things worse you can't talk, only sing.
"Oh no, my dear, I fear I have no tissue in here. It is in the floor beside the kitchen table, can you please be a deer and bring it in here" If you have ever watched a musical you have to admit that this would be a pretty funny situation that you have found yourself in.
I had my poor ol' mommy rollin by now. Things calmed down and we ate our breakfast and the whole time, she must have been thinking about this little conversation we had. She turns to me and says, "How would scold your kids?" We both cracked up and had to play the silly little game for just a little while longer.
I hope that you have all gotten some humor out of this. I still think it is very funny. If you didn't find it humorous, I am very sorry, maybe it was one of those I guess you had to be there kinda things.


Lib said...

What a fun post!Thanks for sharing.
Blessins', lib

Brandy said...

Hi Lib,
I am glad that you enjoyed the blog. I have my moments when I just cant stop thinking about these off the wall things and can not get them out of my head until I just blurt them right out there for all to hear!!
bloggin buddy,

Hope said...

Well, now it's official...YOU"RE A NUT!! And you've put it out there in Blogland for all to see!! I was trying so hard to keep our family name intact but then yesterday I slipped up and told that I am a big liar, and now this...more skeletons out of our closet!! LOL

Brandy said...

to Hope
oh well bet I made you laugh